welcome to your new favorite strength + movement spot in Hyde Park.

Strength + Movement of all kinds, for all bodies.

Now has never been a better time to start, it just takes positivity, patience, & persistence [the pilates will come with it].

Our Vision

Create an uplifting, unique space for individuals who are focused on growth physically & mentally.

Sincerely, Offerings

Reformer – Beginner

This low impact, high results class improves your core strength, flexibility and overall physical fitness.

Reformer – Classy

Experience the beauty of simplicity with our classy reformer Pilates classes.

Reformer – Sassy

For those craving variety and a heightened focus on balance

Reformer – Die Hard

An extraordinary fusion of traditional Pilates principles and innovative, heart-pounding movements

Reformer + Sculpt

This intermediate-level class will challenge you with weight-based training utilizing the Reformer + Pilates tower.

Mat + Sculpt

An effective full-body workout that offers gentle intensity levels suited for all bodies.

Mat + Barre

This moderate- intensity class helps engage your core muscles and improve mobility.

Barre + Sculpt

Total body conditioning based on sound principles of exercise science.

Strength + Restore

Designed to focus on alignment + core while helping connect you to your breath + move mindfully.

Reformer + Cardio

A low impact + high intensity class that utilizes a jump board attached to your reformer.

Sincerely, Wellness

Red Light Therapy Tampa

Assisted Stretch

It helps with muscle relaxation, injury prevention, stress reduction and enhances athletic performance.

Infrared + Salt Sauna

Enhances sport performance, speeds up recovery, improves respiratory health Improves immune resilience, promotes detoxification, and more.

Normatec Compression Leggings

A massage and compression system that helps to enhance blood flow and mobilize fluid from the extremities.

Red Light Therapy

Reduce inflammation, pain, and recovery time while improving your skin’s overall appearance.

Our mission is to inspire your wellness journey through strength + movement so you can become your healthiest + most authentic self. One community, for all kinds; Come exactly as you are. Sincerely, Pilates.

Motivate Together.

Move Together.

Grow Together.

We are passionate about providing a holistic space that is welcoming to all.

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Welcome to your new favorite strength + movement spot in Hyde Park.

Find us in the Urban Retreat on Swann & Howard.

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