Reformer – Beginner

Total Body Goodness.

This low impact, high results class improves your core strength, flexibility and overall physical fitness. Subtle movements on our reformer + tower machines work every muscle while putting minimal stress on joints.


What to Expect:

When taking part in regular reformer Pilates classes you will benefit from improved posture, balance and coordination.

Reformer – Classy

Channeling your inner JP!

Experience the beauty of simplicity with our classy reformer Pilates classes. These sessions focus on a select set of movements that are specific to stretching and core engagement. They are designed to hone in on the fundamentals, offering a deep and rejuvenating stretch while strengthening your core.


What to Expect:

If you’re looking to improve flexibility and build a strong foundation, our classic reformer Pilates classes are the perfect choice.

Reformer – Sassy

Classy, Sassy and a little bit…

For those craving variety and a heightened focus on balance, our Sassy reformer Pilates classes deliver an exciting alternative. These sessions bring innovation to the forefront, introducing a wider range of exercises and movements. Our sassy classes challenge your body’s balance while enhancing strength and flexibility.


What to Expect:

It’s a dynamic and invigorating Pilates experience that keeps you engaged and excited about your fitness journey.

Reformer – Die-Hard

Can you keep up? This class will make you lose your breath.

Die-Hard is our advanced reformer pilates class that is an extraordinary fusion of traditional Pilates principles and innovative, heart-pounding movements. In this dynamic session, you’ll explore a repertoire of unconventional exercises that challenge your body’s limits. As you flow through the class, your core strength, flexibility, and balance will be put to the test like never before. Expect a heightened sense of focus as you tackle movements that demand precision and control.


What to Expect:

This unique class is designed for those seeking an elevated Pilates experience, one that not only ignites your core strength but also pushes your boundaries with unconventional moves that increase your heart rate and put your balance to the ultimate test.

Reformer + Sculpt

Strengthen + lengthen + tone your body!

This intermediate-level class will challenge you with weight-based training utilizing the Reformer + Pilates tower. You’re bound to work up a sweat!


What to Expect:

Improved posture, balance and coordination. Feeling strong + energized.

Mat + Sculpt

Poses + postures combined with breathing techniques to work against gravity!

An effective full-body workout that offers gentle intensity levels suited for all bodies.


What to Expect:

An effective full-body workout that offers gentle intensity levels suited for all bodies.

Mat + Barre

Sculpt + strengthen while enjoying the physical + mental health benefits.

This moderate- intensity class helps engage your core muscles and improve mobility. Combines our contemporary, modern and innovative take on Pilates + Barre fusion.


What to Expect:

A core focused workout with a little burn!

Barre + Sculpt

The perfect balance of strength + mindfulness.

This ballet inspired class features a lil’ pilates +
yoga, plus a whole lotta booty burn. You’ll leave feeling empowered with new levels of strength.


What to Expect:

Total body conditioning based on sound principles of exercise science. You’ll be toned, stretched and feeling the burn!

Strength + Restore

Whether you come to sweat, stretch or strengthen, your intention is ours.

Designed to focus on alignment + core while helping connect you to your breath + move mindfully. Leave feeling nourished in your body + spirit.


What to Expect:

To hold poses for longer periods of time aiding in flexibility and releasing muscle tension. Feel connected mind + body.

Reformer + Cardio

Make you wanna Jump Jump!

This class format is different from the traditional reformer classes we offer. Reformer + Cardio is a low impact + high intensity class that utilizes a jump board attached to your reformer. Described in one word = FUN!


What to Expect:

Heart-rate pumping! The class is taken while on your back, so it protects your back while maintaining your hips, knees and ankles.

Private + Duets

Have an instructor to yourself or share them with your besties! Our private and semi-private classes allow you to tailor your practice to your specific fitness + wellness goals.

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